The Future of Pentesting:

Continuous Validation with Pentera and PlexTrac


The relentless expansion of the digital footprint in the enterprise means the security landscape is evershifting, and security teams need easy access to real-time data to appropriately appraise the state of their security posture.

Join experts from PlexTrac and Pentera to learn how to accelerate your organization’s vulnerability detection and remediation cycles with transparent reporting and tracking by:

  • Continuously testing all cybersecurity layers to reveal the most risk-bearing gaps for remediation
  • Aggregating data and improving cross-team collaboration and remediation efficiency with advanced reporting
  • Enhancing security posture through constant short, iterative cycles

Our Speakers

Eli Domoshnitsky
Product Manager, Pentera
768_ Eli Domoshnitsky
Hannah Cotner
Product Manager, PlexTrac
768_ plex