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Flying Under the EDR Radar

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Orchestrated Windows System Call Invocation without Detection

Original Research by the Pcysys Cyber Research Team

The Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) promise of complete network visibility along with the ability to monitor and correlate events on the Operating System in real-time, leads many security professionals to believe they will decrease the number of blind spots for malware authors and penetration testers. But do we even know how EDR tools really work? Is this trust justified?

In our July 23rd session, Pcysys Cyber Researcher, Eliran Nissan and Head of Research, Alex Spivakovski, will answer the above questions by demonstrating

  • A new approach to autonomous SysCall invocationsHnet.com-image (1)
  • A framework for invoking SysCalls to challenge your networks and products
  • Latest evasion techniques undetectable by many EDR/XDR products
    on the market today


Eliran Nissan

Eliran Nissan

Sr. Cyber Researcher

Alex Spivakovski

Alex Spivakovski

Head of Research

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