Validate your organization against the latest threats

Do you know your organization’s true security risk at any given time? Do you know where the organization’s weakest links are so they can be remediated before an attacker leverages them?


Leverage the free security health check by Pentera to emulate a complete attack operation, focus on key vulnerabilities and lateral pathways and start reducing risk immediately.

What will you get with the security health check?

  • Expose exploitable assets in your network
  • Uncover weaknesses leveraged by disruptive ransomware strains, Log4Shell vulnerabilities, and other TTPs
  • Understand security controls effectiveness
  • Effectively reduce risk with guided remediation

Get a complete view of potential risks and impacts from threats (including ransomware) within hours



Here’s an example of Pentera’s RansomwareReady™ emulation framework and what you can expect to receive within hours, in your environment, without any effort or changes required.



*Free health check is subject to initial qualification by the Pentera team


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