End-to-end Pentest Automation: How to Adopt a Continuous Validation Strategy

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
2:00 - 3:00 pm ET

The current pace of change in the cybersecurity industry demands more frequent validation cycles to detect and remediate security exposures across both internal and external attack surfaces. Sole reliance on traditional manual pentesting methods is not an economically viable option to achieve the frequency, coverage, and scale demanded by this new reality.  

To increase remediation efficiency and security readiness, teams need new tools and methods focused on continually identifying the security gaps that truly expose the business to risk.

In this webinar, experts in the infosec continuous testing and validation space will explore:

  • The benefits of performing continuous validation of your security controls
  • The challenges typically associated with traditional pentesting processes
  • Real world examples of organizations that have embraced automation to enhance security posture
  • How Pentera and PlexTrac make this strategy feasible in an efficient way


Nelson Santos
Principal Sales Engineer, Pentera
Nelson Santos Pentera
Shawn Scott
Head of Customer Advocacy, PlexTrac
Shawn Scott