[LIVE WEBINAR | Thursday 27th January 2022  from 10:00 to 10:30am]

Are You Ransomware Ready?

In 2022, the stand-out cybersecurity threat remains ransomware, with hackers using ever-more sophisticated methods to try to gain access to your data.

There is no end of useful material available to raise our awareness and understanding of the issues. But businesses need to move from “ransomware aware” to “ransomware ready”.

Join us for our webinar on 27th January at 10am!
  • Learn how to test your ability to detect ransomware 
  • Understand the value of continuous security validation
  • See new use cases, including Log4J
  • See Pentera’s technology in action with a live demo from an attacker’s perspective
  • See pen testing that is automated, agentless, real time and a fraction of the cost of manual pen testing


We’ll send you a £10 Uber Eats voucher in advance so you can have a coffee and a treat delivered to enjoy during the webinar!*

*Registration must be completed by Wednesday 26th Jan 17:00 GMT. 
Vouchers will only be sent to UK based participants.

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Shakel Ahmed

Sales Engineer UK & I, Pentera

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Dale Walker-Hyde

Cybersecurity Specialist, Comtact